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 Upcoming and Past Shows 

    O.Z Bangaz will be performing with a live band at the Chicago Historic Route 66 Classic Car and Bike Show on Sunday September 8, 2019. This is a FREE event open to ALL AGES! Bring a friend, bring the family, see the cars, and enjoy the wonderful food vendors! Showtime is around 2PM.

    O.Z Bangaz's performance of "Let It Go", a one man show written by Jawaun Stamps for Collaboraction's Peacebook Festival was a success! The audience was taken away with O.Z Bangaz's rapping and singing talent, as well as the honesty of the story: based on true events

    O.Z Bangaz played 7 characters in this 14 minute, one man musical, about a teen who goes to a party and ends up getting stabbed by a girl while fighting her boyfriend. Three months later the teen coincidently runs into the the girl in an uber pool ride, and has to decide if he is going to retaliate against her for almost killing him.

Collaboraction's Peacebook Festival (Next Show Sep 14, 2019)

1619: A Journey of a People

    History came alive in Ted Williams 3rd's production of "1619: A Journey of a People" at Kennedy King College in Chicago on August 24, 2019! 1619 was the first year that Africans set foot on American soil from slave-ships to be sold into slavery as 3/5 of a person.2019 marked the 400 year anniversary.

    O.Z Bangaz was a musician in the production's pit band, stage percussionist, and one of the stage managers. The production was received so well there will definitely be future runs of the show announced soon.

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