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O.Z Bangaz Gets a Detention

  O.Z Bangaz was featured in a storytelling event hosted by Chicago's own Story Club Northside. The theme of the event was "Detention". O.Z shared a story where he waged a war of principles wit the security staff at his high school.

    "The security staff told me the reason that I was expected to where the uniform of a White collared shirt and Blue slacks, is for my own protection against gangs. What they didn't realize was that the predominant gang in my hood also had claimed the uniform of White tops and Blue bottoms. So were they really protecting me or causing me to assimilate?"

        -O.Z Bangaz

O.Z's story resignated with the audience so much that the Chicago Tribune featured him a week later in the "Live Lit" section. O.Z Bangaz plans to do more storytelling events in the future.

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