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O.Z Bangaz and Meade Palidofsky Teach Master Class at Notre Dame for Shakespear In Prison Conference

Ozivell "O.Z Bangaz" Ecford and Meade Palidosfki recently trained 20 adult artists and academics at the Shakespeare in Prison Conference at the University of Notre Dame in the process of turning personal stories into original musical plays.

    O.Z and Meade were representing Storycatchers Theatre, which teaches youth to consider positive life choices through the process of creating, perforiming, and producing original musical plays that are based on personal life stories. Storycatchers specializes in working with court involved and detained youth, but not solely.

     O.Z Bangaz stated, "I am very proud of what we accomplished here at this conference. We taught our workshop participants a process in 2 days that normally takes at least 12 weeks. They dived right in. They shared so much of their passion, expertise, and talent with us that I learned as much as I taught. I definitely added some tricks to my teaching artist bag.

    O.Z further stated, the SIP conference is a conference that should continue to happen and perhaps more often. The people here are truly brilliant and working tirelessly to help incarcerated individuals with redemption, reintegration and the lenses that paint incarcerated individuals as anything other than human beings, even if flawed human beings. why someone may have gotten incarcerated is not as Black and white as some people would like to make it. there is a lot of gray area. Violent actions and broken laws have many attributes and symptons. Cure the symptons, prevent the crime.

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