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A Million Dollar Banging Investment for a Banging Organization

In October of 2016, O.Z Bangaz's charity: Storycatchers Theatre recieved a million dollar investment from the investment group "Chicago Beyond" to expand the "Changing Voices" program. Storycatchers Theatre teaches youth to consider thoughtful life choices through the process of creating, performing and producing original musical plays based on personal life stories.

    Storycatchers primarily works with court involved youth. The Changing Voices program is for youth between the ages of 16 and 24 who have recently been released from a detainment facility or are court involved. They are employed in the theatre arts. The ensemble tours Chicago performing original musicals that teach and inspire audiences to understand individuals with traumatic backgrounds. The participants of the program are taught to be agents of change in their families and communities, in addition to artist.

    O.Z Bangaz has been helping Storycatchers develop youth art programs since 2003. To learn more about Storycatchers Theatre visit Click the Chicago Beyond logo above to watch the Chicago Tribune report on Chicago beyond and Storycatchers Theatre. or paste the following link in your browser.    ---->

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