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        Since August of 2019, O.Z Bangaz has been touring with the wonderful and talented cast of "1619: A Journey of a People" Written and Produced by Ted Williams III. This production "Edutains" (educates and entertains) audiences about the legacy of Africans brought to Virginia in 1619 for slavery, and its effects on 3 individuals trying to make since of their existence in 2019, 400 years later. O.Z Bangaz is a musician and actor in the production.


O.Z Bangaz 
More than you can Imagine!

       O.Z Bangaz is not just a rapper or music producer. He is a movement, a taste-maker, an activist, a thought leader, a mentor, a boss, an all around artist who is formally trained to dominate on stage and behind the scenes.

        When it comes to stages, he is just as comfortable performing theatre, as he is music, or poetry. Behind the scenes O.Z Bangaz is a professional composer, director, playwrite, videographer, photographer, and more. He uses his incredible interdisciplined skillset to create wonders for himself and ohers. This site is his portfolio for all his artistic endeavors.

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